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Based in Dubai, Ultimate Oil & Gas is the offshore trading company arm of Rahamaniyya Group.

It is a full-fledged oil and gas trading company with an array of expertise in trading, operations, trade finance, chartering, and risk management.

Established in October 2003 as an onshore oil trading business, the Rahamaniyya Group’s specific focus is on the Nigerian market and Sub Saharan West Africa, and to be the leader in the downstream sector. Over the years, the Rahamaniyya Group has grown into a full-fledged downstream company with various divisions.

Rahamaniyya Group has a large depot strategically located at Apapa in Lagos. The depot has its own Jetty through which it receives large cargos up to 25000 MT. It has a storage capacity of 90 million litres, thereby having capacity to receive a full LR 1 cargo with break bulking in lots of 20-25 KT.

It also has two MR’s on long term charter for breaking bulking cargoes. Its own transport unit has about 250 trucks and supplies the petroleum products to the hinterland to various bulk customers, industrial customers and retail stations.