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Mena Energy

Mena Energy

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Who We are

We are an independent oil trading and shipping company. Established in Dubai, United Arab Emirates in 2009. We operate with our experienced and passionate entrepreneurial team.

What We Trade

MENA energy moves most types of hydro carbon-based energies including:

– Crude Oil
– Jet Fuel
– Gasoline
– Fuel Oil
– Liquefied Petroleum Gas
– Naphtha
– Gasoil
– Freight


To be the leader in Middle Eastern energy trading, providing the energy of the region to the world


To be a dynamic multinational firm moving energy efficiently which serves value and integrity to our stakeholders

Our Stakeholders

We work primarily with refineries owned by national oil companies, oil majors, independent oil refineries, airline companies, power generation plants, shipping companies and other business end users.  We focus on all members of the supply chain from the refineries to the end users such as using best in class logistics whether it’s a ship, barge, pipeline or truck to move oil efficiently and effectively.

Our Work Life Culture

We are a diversified, multi-national company with employees from more than two dozen countries. We leverage the diversity of our employees to achieve our goals of excellence in all that we do. We understand that employees seek challenging work and to contribute to the organizations and seek balance with their personal lives. Mena Energy offers a work-life balance, as we believe that this balance leads to the many benefits of employee satisfaction.