African Refiners & Distributors Association


Membership of the ARDA is available to the following entities:

  1. Oil refining companies operating in Africa (Refinery).  A refinery is defined as an industrial feedstock processing plant (crude oil, coal or gas) for the production of petroleum products (including bitumen and petrochemicals).        
  2. Legal entities with operations in Africa spanning the importation, storage, transportation, distribution and regulation of petroleum products and which, in one or more countries in Africa that:                                                                           
  • Have an import terminal and/or control a significant share of national imports and/or;
  • Operate a distribution network of a significant size in a national market and/or;
  • Operate a company for land or sea transportation of crude oil, oil products and chemicals of a certain significance compared to the national demand and/or;
  • Bear the responsibility for the regulation and the control of refining, importing, stocking, transporting or distributing petroleum products.

Admission of Members to the ARDA is the responsibility of the ARDA Executive Committee upon recommendation from the ARDA Executive Secretary.

Companies that do not meet the above criteria can join the ARDA as a sponsor. The ARDA offers annual sponsorship packages (click: link to ARA Sponsorship Packages) that allow Sponsor companies to meet industry decision-makers across Africa and develop relationships with key players in the sector at various ARDA events throughout the year.

Joining the ARDA

BECOME A MEMBER OF THE ONLY PAN-AFRICAN DOWNSTREAM OIL ASSOCIATION TO: Be a key player in deciding ARDA policy on pan-African downstream developments – respecting
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