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Lukoil International Trading & Supply

Lukoil International Trading & Supply

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LUKOIL International Trading and Supply Company, founded in year 2000 in Switzerland, is the exclusive international marketing and trading company of PJSC LUKOIL Oil Company.

LITASCO SA’s mission is to maximize the value of LUKOIL’s crude oil production and refined petroleum product exports by trading, shipping, storing and hedging on all major markets.

LITASCO SA manages to ensure flexible and reliable supplies to the international assets of the LUKOIL Group.

LITASCO Group is one of the world’s major traders of crude oil and refined petroleum products and deals with a vast range of suppliers and customers, including the world’s major oil corporations.

With head office in Geneva, LITASCO Group has established subsidiary offices in ten countries, extending its reach around the world from the United States to Europe, the Middle East and Asia.

In 2018, the LITASCO Group

traded over 96 million metric tons of crude oil and 86 million metric tons of petroleum products.

The total volume of physical barrels handled was 3.7 million barrel per day.

Third party trading accounted for 63% of total transactions.

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