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Fendercare Marine

Fendercare Marine

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Fendercare Marine continues to lead the way, pioneering new locations to serve Africa.

The world leader in Ship-to-Ship (STS) transfers, Fendercare Marine has provided significant operational expertise and services to the African marine industry for over a quarter of a century.

Committed to providing customers with an unparalleled service, our expertise is supported by a global network of over 50 fully operational bases and locations.

Strategically located, the company’s bonded warehouse in Lomé, Togo, serves as a hub for STS operations off the West coast of Africa and is fully stocked with a diverse range of marine products.  This includes Yokohama fenders and STS Yokohama hoses, suitable for any scale of STS transfer – from barges and terminals to VLCC’s.

The company has recently expanded into Southern Africa, with the incorporation of Fendercare South Africa, headquartered in Durban, with other convenient STS locations across that country.

Conducting over 1000 operations in Africa annually, Fendercare Marine also undertakes in excess of 3000 STS operations globally every year; each conducted to the highest industry standards, in accordance with the latest OCIMF STS transfer guide for petroleum, chemicals and liquefied gases.

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