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ARDA Sustainable Financing Workshop

About the event

24th June 2021 – Sustainable Financing Work Group Workshop Register Here 

“Sustainable Financing Goals ” 

Africa needs a specific near-term, targeted transition financing plan to upgrade its refineries and infrastructure to ensure that the continent’s  projected increasing fuels demand is met with cleaner fuels, produced mostly from the continent’s refineries, while reducing Africa’s carbon  footprint.

This workshop will focus on the key requirements for building a two-step Sustainable Finance Plan for Africa as follows:

  • Phase 1: Enable sustainable transition financing for either  new industrial projects or trade finance to meet cleaner fuels  objective(s) in line with the AFRI Fuels Roadmap 2030 deadline
  • Phase 2: Enlist African Downstream Petroleum industry  (refiners, distributors, etc.) to serve as key enabler(s) to  implement realistic plans in support of global ESG and Climate  Change policies

Through this workshop, we will debate about opportunities and potential financing options to develop an actionable Sustainable Finance Plan for Africa.

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