African Refiners & Distributors Association

ARDA Regulation Workshop

About the event

27th July 2021 – Regulation Workshop

“Role of Regulators in ensuring Compliance with AFRI Fuels Roadmap”

The currently disparities, existing locally and regionally, do not encourage efficiency and the target results. This workshop will focus on the  roadmap leading to:

  • Ensure stable, sustainable regulatory regimes to encourage  continued improvements in the downstream petroleum sector
  • Ensure that petroleum infrastructure is maintained at required  standards
  • Make available to stakeholders the required standards with support of expertise
  • Ensure stable supplies of petroleum products are available  across the countries linked to the harmonized specs
  • Systems to promote LPG on African markets in line with the  policies

The AFRI roadmap cannot be implemented without an adequate regulatory system that is consistent with its objectives.

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