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Image de / image of BASSOLE Hippolyte
Hippolyte BASSOLE
SONABHY (Burkina Faso)
Director of SONABHY Bingo Oil Depot
Image de / image of Wanyama Martin
Deputy Leader
Martin Wanyama
Kenya Pipeline Company (Kenya)
Operations and Maintenance Manager

The ARDA Storage & Distribution (SD) Work Group serves to work with Members and other stakeholders to ensure potential hazards are systematically identified and risks associated with these hazards are managed in a manner that ensures Members and their stakeholders are protected. 

The ARDA SD Management System will be used to deploy a structured approach to identifying hazards, implementing required mitigants and ensuring compliance with all safety, security, health and environmental laws and regulations.  The ARDA SD Management System encompasses the objectives, procedures and resources to effectively manage terminals/depots for liquid hydrocarbons and LPG as well as pipelines for transporting the same products. 

The ARDA SD Management System is intended to be used alongside each Member’s existing Storage & Distribution practices to strengthen and deliver world-class procedures.