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Image de / image of ANKU Esther
Esther ANKU
NPA (Ghana)
Director, Inspection, Surveillance and Health, Safety, Security and Environment
Image de / image of NEYER Lidia
Deputy Leader
SOGARA (Gabon)
Marketing & Projects Director

The ARDA Regulation Work Group serves to work with Members and other stakeholders to align control objectives that stem from regulations and legislation with business objectives to ensure improved overall business performance. 

The ARDA Regulation Compliance Management System will be used to deploy a structured approach to ensuring that business processes, operations and practices are in accordance with prescribed laws and regulations.  The Regulation Compliance Management System encompasses internal controls as well as detective, corrective and preventative measures to determine that desired results are being achieved. 

This ARDA Regulation Compliance Management System is intended to be used alongside each Member’s existing Regulatory Compliance practices to strengthen and deliver world-class compliance processes.