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Image de / image of KEBE Daouda
Daouda KEBE
SAR (Senegal)
Technical Director
Image de / image of MAUTA Evans
Deputy Leader
INDENI Petroleum Refinery Ltd (Zambia)
Process Manager

The new Refining & Specifications (RS) Work Group (WG) combines the activities of the old Refining & HSEQ and Specifications WGs to form a singular WG focused on enhancing overall plant performance and profitability while simultaneously meeting all regulatory requirements.

The ARDA RS Operations Excellence System can be used to deploy a structured approach to fostering operational best practices to reduce downtime, adopting relevant technology and effective data management to balance crude oil feedstock volatility, unscheduled downtimeand and operational efficiency to drive best-in-class financial and operational performance.,   This ARDA RS Operations Excellence System will also encompass alignment of operations to meet regultory requirements for low-sulphur fuels, air emmissions and wastewater effluent discharge.

The ARDA RS Operational Excellence System is intended to be used alongside each Member’s existing opertions management practices to strengthen and deliver world-class performance.