African Refiners & Distributors Association


The ARDA Regulation Work Group serves to work with Members and other stakeholders to align control objectives that stem from regulations and legislation with business objectives to ensure improved overall business performance.  

The ARDA Regulation Compliance Management System will be used to deploy a structured approach to ensuring that business processes, operations and practices are in accordance with prescribed laws and regulations.  The Regulation Compliance Management System encompasses internal controls as well as detective, corrective and preventative measures to determine that desired results are being achieved.  

This ARDA Regulation Compliance Management System is intended to be used alongside each Member’s existing Regulatory Compliance practices to strengthen and deliver world-class compliance processes.

  • The commitment to support its members with the organizations and structures concerned to ensure that all obligations related to regulatory compliance are met in their respective business activities.
  • Contribute to the development of a compliance management system to ensure that processes, operations and business practices comply with applicable laws and regulations
  • Contribute to their development for an upgrade to the required standards and practices
  • Contribute to the best performance of upgrade control and monitoring systems
  • Organization of dedicated meetings and contribution to symposia and technical workshops
  • Presentation and contribution to best management practices for regulatory systems and their upgrading
  • Close collaboration with the WGs concerned for symposia and subjects of common interest
  • Meetings with regional and continental local organizations and decision-makers
  • Develop and implement the quinquennal and 10-year strategic plans in line with the ARDA’s mission to serve as Africa’s “Leader for the Transition to Cleaner Fuels”
  • Track and monitor the roadmap’s action plan
  • Identify in partnership the themes and topics of common interest for the organization of events : Forum, workshops.
  • Develop and implement an annual program for Regulation quarterly meetings.
  • Ensure leadership and conduct of meetings in the WG’s terms of reference
  • Identifying ways to implement strategic objectives 



Director, Inspection, Monitoring and Health, Safety, Security & Environment at National Petroleum Authority - NPA (Ghana)


  • Over 30 years working experience in environmental & petroleum regulation and education 
  • Played key role in development of various codes of practice and Guidelines for petroleum downstream industry in Ghana  


  • M. Phil. in Environmental Science (University of Ghana)
  • B.Sc. Biochemistry (Kwame Nkrumah University of Science & Technology – 1989) 
  • Several seminars, conferences and courses with various certificates in Health, Safety & Environment (HSE) and other areas


  • Member of the ARA Executive Committee since March 2018
  • Leader of the WG Regulation ARA since June 2016

Lidia Ikapi Neyer

Deputy Leader

Marketing & Projects Director at SOGARA (Gabon)


  • Thirteen (13) years of experience in Downstream oil & gas industry 
  • Master’s Degree in Refining-Engineering and Gas (IFP School, Ruel Malmaison – 2007)
  • Master’s Degree in Chemical Engineering (Loughborough University, UK)  


  • Member of ARA Specifications WG in 2014

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