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Refining & Specifications

The new Refining & Specifications (RS) Work Group (WG) combines the activities of the old Refining & HSEQ and Specifications WGs to form a singular WG focused on enhancing overall plant performance and profitability while simultaneously meeting all regulatory requirements.

The ARDA RS Operations Excellence System can be used to deploy a structured approach to fostering operational best practices to reduce downtime, adopting relevant technology and effective data management to balance crude oil feedstock volatility, unscheduled downtimeand and operational efficiency to drive best-in-class financial and operational performance.,   This ARDA RS Operations Excellence System will also encompass alignment of operations to meet regultory requirements for low-sulphur fuels, air emmissions and wastewater effluent discharge.

The ARDA RS Operational Excellence System is intended to be used alongside each Member’s existing opertions management practices to strengthen and deliver world-class performance.

  • Contribute to improving the overall performance and profitability of refining and off-site infrastructure while meeting regulatory requirements.
  • Upgrades of refined products in terms of quality to ever-changing AFRI standards and
    Share best practices for equipment maintenance and integrity in operating and modernizing operating systems
  • Ensure the link between downstream oil operators and the respective local, regional and continental decision-makers to support them in improving product quality and implementing
  • Contribute to technical approaches to develop the investments needed to modernize refining infrastructure and protect the environment, train and upgrade operators…
  • preserving the health of the populations the environment
  • Deploy a structured approach for the identification of industrial hazards,
  • Contribute to the overall compliance with the required standards in terms of safety, security, health and the environment.
  • Contribute and monitor the implementation of HSE programs and systems
  • Contribute to the development of verification and feedback mechanisms in terms of implementation.
  • Share HSE best practices and experiences of accidents and incidents
  • Contribute to the evaluation of operational HSE systems and suggest their upgrade and application
  • Development and monitoring of the implementation of the AFRI roadmap for petrol and diesel,specific seminars…
  • The development of a roadmap dedicated to the JET supply chain for its required standards
  • Marpol fuel standards
  • The development of inter-laboratory tests to assess the quality of products, laboratory equipment and infrastructure, execution procedures
  • The organisation of seminars, workshops and seminars dedicated to the technical issues of maintenance, energy savings in industrial environments, the evolution of operating systems and their digitalization 
  • Develop and implement the quinquennal and 10-year strategic plans in line with the ARDA’s mission to 
    serve as Africa’s “Leader for the Transition to Cleaner Fuels”
  • Track and monitor the roadmap’s action plan
  • Identify in partnership the themes and topics of common interest for the organization of events : Forum,
  • Develop and implement an annual program for RSG quarterly meetings.
  • Ensure leadership and conduct of meetings in the WG’s terms of reference
  • Identifying ways to implement strategic objectives
  • Develop quarterly activity reports for the ARDA Executive Committee
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Technical Director at SAR Refinery (Senegal)


  • More than 20 years of experience in oil refining industry
  • Chairman of the Board of Directors MASE Senegal (Security Improvement Manual)
  • Member of the Senegalese Association for Energy Development in Africa (ASDEA)


  • Industrial Chemistry Engineer/Process Engineering at the Algerian Petroleum Institute


  • Leader of Refining, Health, Safety, Environment & Quality (RHSEQ) WG since 2016



Process Manager at INDENI Petroleum Refinery Ltd (Zambia)


  • 25 years of experience in mining and oil industries, including Agip Petroli (Italy) and Total (France, UK & Kenya)
  • Served as Member of Technical Committee on Oil Standards in Zambia (1998-2003)
  • Various performance training courses in refining technologies, refining economics, energy savings and oil catalyst management


  • B. Eng (Hons) Chemical Engineering – University of Birmingham (UK) 
  • MBA – University of Hull (UK)


  • Member of the ARA Executive Committee (as representative of Director-General of INDENI Refinery)
  • Deputy Leader of new Refining & Specifications WG 
  • Leader of Specifications WG since March 2019

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