African Refiners & Distributors Association


In line with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 (SDG-7) – Access to Clean Energy for All – the ARDA is committed to supporting its Members and other stakeholders to promote the use of Liquefied Petroleum Gas (LPG) across Africa.  

The ARDA LPG Work Group (WG) will not only encourage the transition from biomass to LPG as a cleaner cooking fuel alternative, but also promote the use of LPG as a fuel for power generation across the continent.  The LPG Work Group serves to work with Members and other stakeholders to develop and implement a sustainable framework geared towards developing LPG projects across Africa.  

The ARDA LPG WG will work with its Members and other stakeholders to displace biomass with LPG as the primary fuel for heating and cooking, thereby reducing deforestation.  In addition, the LPG WG will work to establish an LPG supply chain aimed at supporting gas-to-power technology across the continent to lower carbon intensity and reduce the cost of power.

  • In accordance with the United Nations (UN) Sustainable Development Goal 7 (SDG-7)- Access to clean energy for all, this Ney created WG will be dedicated to:
  • Support its members and other stakeholders to promote the use of liquefied petroleum gas (LPG) throughout Africa for domestic and industrial uses such as electricity
  • Contribute and encourage the management of the transition from biomass to LPG as a cleaner
  • Develop and contribute to its implementation of a sustainable framework focused on the
    development of LPG projects across Africa.
  • Ensure the upgrade of the LPG supply chain aimed at supporting gas to electricity conversion
    technologies across the continent, in order to reduce carbon intensity and the
    cost of electricity

In addition to presentations dedicated to LPG and which had been the subject of intense debate, two symposia dedicated to LPG were held in Ouagadougou and Dakar. The interest and the strategic stake led the ARDA to create this WG dedicated exclusively to LPG

  • Develop and implement the quinquennial and 10-year strategic plans in line with the ARDA’s mission to serve as Africa’s “Leader for the Transition to Cleaner Fuels”
  • Track and monitor the roadmap’s action plan
  • Identify in partnership the themes and topics of common interest for the organization of events : Forum, workshops..
  • Develop and implement an annual program for LPG quarterly meetings.
  • Ensure leadership and conduct of meetings in the WG’s terms of reference
  • Identifying ways to implement strategic objectives
  • Develop quarterly activity reports for the ARDA Executive Committee



Managing Director, Avedia Energy (South Africa)


  • Over 20 years experience in the oil & gas marketing industry in Nigeria, the wider African region and the USA
  • Successfully ran two (2) of Nigeria’s leading LPG companies from 1991 to 2007
  • Gained valuable knowledge in establishment and management of LPG technology & facilities and infrastructure requirements for successful expansion of the growing LPG market across emerging and established economies in Africa 


  • Graduate Degree(s) in Economics (1990), University of Delaware (USA)
  • B Sc. in Animal Science (1986), University of Delaware (USA)



Project Advisor to General Manager, SNPC Distribution (Congo)


  • Head of Sales Administration, LPG Filling Centre, SNPCD
  • Assistant to the Director of Internal Audit, SNCPD
  • Permanent Member of Team GAZ Project, SNCPD
  • Associate Director, Consulting Business International (CBI)


  • Master’s Degree in Trading, Boursier Assistance Paris Opéra (2013)
  • Master’s Degree in Corporate Finance, Institute de Commerce et de Gestion Paris
  • Specialization in Management Control

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