African Refiners & Distributors Association

ARDA Vision & Mission

ARDA Vision & Mission

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The ARDA’s vision is to serve as the leader in Africa’s transition to cleaner fuels.  In that vein, the ARDA promotes harmonization of cleaner fuel specifications across Africa in line with the AFRI Fuels Roadmap to avoid urban pollution and the associated health challenges. The ARDA supports implementation of a Cleaner Air Policy with a regulatory framework that considers fuels and vehicles as an integrated system.

The ARDA is also focused on developing an integrated energy self-sufficiency plan for Africa that promotes the processing of African crude oil in upgraded African refineries, distribution of resulting cleaner petroleum products via African pipelines and terminals with funding primarily from African financial institutions.  The ultimate goal is to drastically reduce fuel imports by upgrading the refineries and distribution infrastructure on the continent to meet Africa’s petroleum products requirements.

The ARDA will continue to highlight the role of fossil fuels in the economic development of the continent and promote a measured transition to cleaner fuels in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goal No. 7 (Affordable and Clean Energy).  As such, the ARDA shall support various private and public sector initiatives aimed at securing investments to enable Africa’s transition to cleaner fuels in a sustainable manner.


The African Refiners and Distributors Association (ARDA) is the first-ever pan-African non-governmental organization that serves as the voice of the Downstream oil sector in Africa and addresses economic, environmental or social issues impacting upon oil refining in Africa, or upon the importing and distribution of petroleum products across the continent.

The role of the African Refiners & Distributors Association is to give a voice not only to African refiners, but also to independent storage, distribution and marketing companies and energy regulators across Africa

The ARDA’s principal aims and objectives are to:


  • address economic, environmental and social issues deemed by its membership to impact upon the African downstream petroleum sector
  • identify trends within the international oil industry that impact on the African downstream oil industry
  • promote the exchange of positive experiences and best practice between Members, in order to improve their safety, technical and economic performance
  • improve communication and cooperation between its Members and the international oil market
  • increase effort on promoting efficient, economic, safe, secure and sustainable investment across the African downstream supply chain